Our research intends to advance basic and applied knowledge in Nanotechnology. We develop the following aspects related to biosensors based on nanomechanical systems: advanced instrumentation, novel transduction and actuation methods, theoretical models, biological functionalization of nanomechanical systems and design of novel approaches for nanomechanical sensing. All these tasks are addressed to the advancement of basic knowledge in nanomechanics as well as to the development of ultrasensitive biosensors based on nanomechanical systems and their application in the biomedical field.

Research topics

  1. Multifunctional nanomechanical systems
  2. Coupled nanomechanical resonators
  3. Optomechanics
  4. Nanomechanical biochips
  5. Cell nanomechanics
  6. Theory and modelling

Instrumentation and facilities

The group has expertise in the development of instruments for optical read-out of nanomechanical devices with several licensed patents in the subject; therefore, we build a lot of our instruments for research.

Our research intends to advance basic and applied knowledge in Nanotechnology
Bionanomechanics Lab. Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid (Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica)
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