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Ultrasensitive detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen by a hybrid nanomechanical-optoplasmonic platform with potential for detecting HIV-1 at first week after infection

Priscila M. Kosaka, Valerio Pini, Montserrat Calleja, Javier Tamayo

PLOS ONE,  12(2): e0171899. , doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0171899  (2017)

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Effect of water-DNA interactions on elastic properties of DNA self-assembled monolayers

Carmen M Domínguez, Daniel Ramos, Jesús I Mendieta-Moreno, José LG Fierro, Jesús Mendieta, Javier Tamayo, Montserrat Calleja

Scientific Reports, 7, 536  (2017)

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Nanomechanical properties of composite protein networks of erythroid membranes at lipid surfaces

Mario Encinar, Santiago Casado, Alicia Calzado-Martín, P Natale, Álvaro San Paulo, Montserrat Calleja, Marisela Vélez, Francisco Monroy, Iván López-Montero

Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 149, 174  (2017)

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Effect of Actin Organization on the Stiffness of Living Breast Cancer Cells Revealed by Peak-Force Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy

Alicia Calzado-Martin, Mario Encinar, Javier Tamayo, Montserrat Calleja, Alvaro San Paulo

ACSNano,  DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b07162  (2016)

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Spatially multiplexed dark-field microspectrophotometry for nanoplasmonics

V. Pini, P. M. Kosaka, J. J. Ruz, O. Malvar, M. Encinar, J. Tamayo, M. Calleja

Scientific Reports, 6, 22836  (2016)

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Optical Transduction and Actuation of Subwavelength Nanomechanical Resonators

Ioana Voiculescu, Mona Zaghloul, Eduardo Gil-Santos, Valerio Pini, Álvaro San Paulo, Monserrat Calleja, Javier Tamayo, Daniel Ramos

Nanocantilever Beams: Modeling, Fabrication, and Applications, 285-313  (2016)

How two-dimensional bending can extraordinarily stiffen thin sheets

V. Pini, J. J. Ruz, P. M. Kosaka, O. Malvar, M. Calleja, J. Tamayo

Scientific Reports, 6, 29627  (2016)

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Advances and Challenges to Bring Nanomechanical Biosensors to Biochemistry Labs and Clinical Use

Priscila M Kosaka, Javier Tamayo, Monsterrat Calleja

Nanocantilever Beams: Modeling, Fabrication, and Applications, 431  (2016)

Spatially Multiplexed Micro-Spectrophotometry in Bright Field Mode for Thin Film Characterization

Valerio Pini, Priscila M Kosaka, Jose J Ruz, Oscar Malvar, Mario Encinar, Javier Tamayo, Montserrat Calleja

Sensors, 16, 926  (2016)

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Intracellular pH-Induced Tip-to-Tip Assembly of Gold Nanorods for Enhanced Plasmonic Photothermal Therapy

Andre?s Guerrero-Martínez Rube?n Ahijado-Guzma?n, Guillermo Gonza?lez-Rubio, Jesu?s G. Izquierdo, Luis Ban?ares, Iva?n Lo?pez-Montero, Alicia Calzado-Martín, Montserrat Calleja, Gloria Tardajos

ACSOmega, 1, 388  (2016)

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