The group has expertise in the development of instruments for optical read-out of nanomechanical devices, with several licensed patents in the subject; therefore, we build a lot of our instruments for research.

  • Interferometer for nanocantilever and nanowire characterization.
  • Laser scanning system for the read-out of hundreds of microcantilevers.
  • Systems for real-time characterization in liquids.

Among the dedicated commercial instrumentation we count on:

  • Atomic Force Microscope, Veeco
  • White light Interferometer microscope, Wyko, Veeco.
  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Inkjetting set up for patterning of biomolecules on solid supports and functionalization of large nanomechanical arrays.

The group also counts on the top facilities provided by IMM-CNM that go from chemical hoods to advanced nanofabrication tools, including e-beam lithography, photolithography and a focused Ion Beam nanolithography system with sub-10 nm resolution and mm-size fabrication capabilities.

Instrumentation and facilities Instrumentation and facilities
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