The Bionanomechanics research is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Comunidad de Madrid and European Union. We also receive private funding through collaboration with our industrial partners.


The multidisciplinary and technologically challenging nature of our research requires of a network of international collaborators for the successful accomplishment of the research objectives. We collaborate with reference groups in the fields of micro- nanofabrication, micro- nanofluidics, theory, molecular dynamics simulations and cancer biology.

Industrial partnership

The Bionanomechanics group collaborates with Mecwins S.L. for the advancement of nanomechanical sensors for genetic analysis.  Mecwins is committed to providing cutting edge tools for disease prognosis, diagnosis and pharmacogenomics. The transfer of knowledge between the Bionanomechanics group at CSIC and Mecwins S.L., as well as the corresponding payback to CSIC, is regulated under Technology Transfer Agreement signed on 24th June 2008 between CSIC and Mecwins S.L.

Video about tecnology transfer from Bionanomechanics Lab to Mecwins:

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